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21 September 2009


Aww sorry guys..due to my laziness I didn't go to city square mall yesterday. I stayed at home.. bath, groom my lil gucci and watched footbal match with my boy haha..

Man-united VS Man-city

The match was really exciting !! seriously..especially the last minute winning goal credited by michael owen for manchester united..hauhau miracle !

Result : 4 - 3

source :

I used to hate football because I though it's a stupid game but now..because of my bf..I love football haha..(eventhough sometimes I dunno the name of the players) hohoo...and another secret to share is that football is the 1st things that makes me and him "closer than a friend" haha..What I remembered was..he sent me an sms on the night of worldcup last year, 2006. He asked if we can become closer friend and I replied "let's see who win the football match" I bet for Italy and he bet for france haha..for the first time I was so serious when watched football haha..hmph so that's the romantic part =P

Afterward, he always shared some information whenever we watched the match..and his comment always makes me laugh..such as "haduh..tackle aja org cacat itu uda rambut botak stengah..tackle aja biar jatuh.." (should tackle that handicap person) , when his team did fault he will shout angrily "NO that is not a fault, stupid referee" (hit the table, sofa, controller or whatever dat's near..) haha dat's why gucci always sit on my lap whenever we watched football..Gucci was scared by the *Bing *Bang *Bang sound..hoho when their opponent accidentally did fault he will shout "hala bodo kali wasit nya..buta ya ga lihat" (stupid referee, blind is it?) Haha..referee is always wrong lol..He act like he's the coach more than ferguson. "kanan kanan kiri kiri pelan pelan tahan tahan.." (left left right right slow down slow down hold on hold on..) ckck..and sometimes he'll explain the opponent teams for me.."pemain team itu smua pemain buangan itu traitor dari team itu..itu juga traitor dari team itu...mata uang semua..pelatih nya itu pun macam p*nt*k dasar apek putih" (that team gathered unwanted player and all of them are materialist..and the coach are the white uncle (because of the skin & hair)) ckck..sometime he will says "actually i like that player (opponent team) also he's good bla bla bla..." sometimes he'll pray to god "tolong la tuhan goal goal.." (please god, goal it please) and if it is goal we'll shout together "GOALL !!" haha..sometimes he'll sing and even dance "Glory... glory.... man united...glory glory........"

ckck yes he's a BIG FANS of man-u and I am only a beginner fans of man-u hohoho...It is really fun ! I am addicted to football now hohoho...whenever I asked him "football or me?" he'll first answer "Football" (*sigh this is the answer after 3yrs of dating haha..) and I replied "What?" he'll change his answer to "you you". Then I will says "me right? switch off the TV" he'll beg and says "no together watch together ok?" ckck..

For non-football fans you might want to try and understand football..It is really exciting when you know what is happening..who is the player and who does what..sometime if you are lucky maybe you will get to watch some fights LIVE! haha..btw he ever promised to buy me man-u shirt for me..and I am looking foward to it I want the black colour one (away uniform) but unfortunatelly last time it wasn't available..

Today is a relaxing day..public holiday yuhuu....I used my time fully by starting 20% of e-journal and 10% of portfolio..times to prepare, iron clothes , tidy house etc..need to wake up earlier for work tmrw...tommorow will be a better day huahua...

Note: My sis and fams are now at the Tioman Island aww...wish I can join them huhu...

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