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30 September 2009

Exercise day !!

haha yeas..I am blogging now using my phone..while having my dinner break hoho..I've a very long work day today BUT its fun..eventhough some of the time is boring! Haha we had a competion on distributing the flyer and I won haha..for the first time I distributed flyer and never thought that it can be so fun..experienced expression of diff peops when I offered flyer for them, their body language as well..and you will feel happy if they say THANK YOU hoho..and I had my breakfast cum lunch alone huhu..I had this and its very nice bulgogi rice and cheapp! Whuawhua $5 per pack..with lemonade !yes it's fat but haha anywae as long as I dun have dinner then ok wad haha (seems that I gonna fail my diet)

Super Extemely Really NICE !!!

And for dinner I drank apple wheat bought by mag and reuben..can't eat ! No dinner! Survive ! lol hope to go home early today huhu..and sleep earlier IRENE DON'T EAT !!

Healthy apple wheat

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