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02 September 2009

Dyed my hair with *Liese Bubble*

Last night, I was extremely bored so I read teenage I bought earlier...and I saw this !!

So quickly I sms-ed my bf..and asked him to buy..I asked him to choose *whatever* colour for me..
and he choosed...

*Ash brown*

I assumed that the colour would not be so obvious / light as the name is *ash brown* and It will be darker as my hair was categorized as very I decided to dye my whole hair this morning (*and now..somehow regret coz i love my other half hair..very orangee..nad now it become darker) and these are the process...

*click on the picture if you would like to see larger pic*

I'll say the process wasn't complicated and it was easy actually..coz I dun need to care if the solution touch my scalp etc..I was having fun when I applied the bubble to my hair... and last thing that convinced me ! I could use shampoo and conditioned my hair when I rinsed !! another important thing to highlight !! remember to wear your UGLIEST shirt when you want dye...because my LOVELY *my melody pyjamas* was stained huhuhu....And this is the result after everything was done...

Ignore my *before* unglam hair picture haha..
I just woke my hair was messy..

And my hair now has 3 diff colour..haha..I am wrong ! the color on my roots and top were very light brown as they were black earlier and ashie brown on the middle.and lastly orangee from my previous hair..It wasn't really obvious from the picture...The effect was actually more on the roots and at the top of my hair....

these are some pictures before went out this evening..

use front camera was more obvious but VERY BLUR huh..

Besides, my bf bought me S.H.E *3 spas of love* book !! hehe..happy happy...
eventhough I can't read..I enjoyed viewing the pictures inside hahaa...

Yes I went out for a movie wif bf..finally ! he always says he's busy huh...Went to met him at 6..He was at the game station...and I saw this cute doll...I said I want...he tried about 10times..he gave up huhu...SAD!

Then we went to buy tickets for "Where got ghost" movie at Filmgarde, Iluma

It was still 2 hrs from the movie..So we decided to go to Bugis junction to have some drinks...I bought *Refresing Mango Tango* and He had ice cream..

After that, we went to *Pet lover for Gucci's snack..and we also bought a Newspaper toy for him hehe...Isn't cute? =)

After everything was done..we went back to Iluma to catch the movie..I had nachos cheese..I love nachos! and yes.. f.a.t ! huh...

source :

I gave the movie 6 or 7 upon 10.. as there was some part which was really hillarious..but not to the max..haha..and the scary part was shocking...and actually most of the time I closed my I think I only watched 60% of the movie haha...After movie, we went to my fav restaurant *QQ noodle house to have *wonton mee ^^

And so it's the end of today! need to sleep earlier as
I need to go to school tommorow...

Nite !

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