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17 September 2009


yay woke up early today..dress up and went to work..yes..the day after tommorow I'll be participating on the event of Travel fiesta by familliarizing with the product and promotion..just pray that I can do at least 1 booking..ckck...btw..two of my colleagues ( female and male) (who always make fun of each other) wore the SAME colour blouse today hahaha....everyone on the offices seem aware about that and even reminded them "hey R, you are wearing same colour as M" hahaha...but they were very funny and very cooperative lo..even called each other laophuo laokong~ haha laugh laugh laugh...(and I bet they will be together...someday..haha..they keep teasing each other which I think they are very matchy lo huahua...=P *hope they are not reading this ckck...) I really enjoy my day in the office EVENTHOUGH not much things to do. I though because we were still fresh..btw, my colleague, joe, keep asking me to try and answer the phone BUT I dun dare..haha it's very scary...but yah..sooner or later I'll need to pick up let see..I will share the 1st call I answered..hopefully tommorow =D

and today's dinner MCD *again...sigh really sad..I was like crying when I eat the fries ! haha SO UNHEALTHY !! but anyway...we ordered HappyMeal for Gucci haha kiddin' and it comes along with a free gift of *Dorami* which I think it's very funny and coicidence as my friend always laughed at me and said that I looked like doraemon *sigh..anyway I love the dorami haha cute !

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