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28 September 2009

Difficult to past Monday !

YES I did said that I will start to DIET from TODAY !! and yUHUUuu...(I think) I did it ! HOohoo...Diet in my term is "Eat less and healthy, No dinner and Drink more water" hoho...

I had yoshinoya today...and I had SALMON and VEGGIES ! healthy the mayo is not loh.. ckckck... fattening... and I didn't finish my rice (yes what a waste)...coz I felt enough at that time =) and remembering that I am on DIET ! hoho...

My Salmon + Veggies

Left over

Before I decided to had yoshi, me and my other 2 colleagues actually planned to eat at our LaoDiFang, MarketPlace...BUT !! my 2 very kind colleagues recommend me to eat MOS burger..they said it's ok lo...I followed them..but when we arrived...all of us decided to eat on our own choice..haha..Reuben = MOS , Joe = Subway and Myself = Yoshi ckcck...

Do you know what? My office is really a "FOOD PARADISE" almost have SNACKS everyday !! (which is super ggod and partly bad coz FAT! ) sigh...another colleague, angela, bought us OldChangKee LOL! yeah...fortunately I managed to avoid that...Really hope that I can slim down ckck...colleagues please help me! hehe..

CurryPuff, Squid, Gyoza and whatever..

BTW Sharan, Another colleague offer us a Sago snacks in the morning as well..and yes I rejected that.....sorry I am on diet =)

And another temptations that I can't reject is QiaoLin Birthday cake !! haha..I really didn't plan to eat lo..but yah..Mag mentioned that must ate coz QL bday so I ate..ONLY 2 bites lo..SWEAR 2 bites haha..

Befor QL came in

Birthday Girl

The cake !


Eco-friendly no need to use spoon

Yes Happy Bday QL haha hope you're touched and happy by the suprise =)

And last temptation was....Bf called me "Buy dinner for me?" OMG ! Should I buy my portion too? NO !! I AM ON DIET ! haha so I only bought for him..I bought a pack of chicken rice..thats it ! hauhua..will sleep earlier today coz...I NEED TO AVOID ANY OTHER POTENTIAL TEMPTATIONS !! ckck...Btw I believed I will slim down lo COZ...I'll be working long hours this week !! ahrr...another road show will be happening start from this wednesday and my schedules is 10 to 10 ahhrrr.......will be very tired..nevermind...excercise =P

Lastlyy...a new membercard on my collections ! BANQUET cost only $5 hihihi...
They are having promotions..only at CitySquareMall =)

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