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14 September 2009

blue long monday !

HATE MYSELF !! why I have to make up? why have to make sure looks ok before go out ? why need to dress up? sigh...! I spent S$10 for my TAXI this morning !! simply because I AM LATE...yes..S$ 10 is small sum...but S$10 for taxi whereas I can waived that by waking up earlier then WHY NOT? haiz...Now I is hard to earn...haha...I am very angry with myself...dun want to talk with myself animore !? (...??) I almost late for work today...and seriously BAD HABIT ! I will sleep early tonight (take bath after blog haha..I used to take bath at e midnight Zzz...) and make sure to wake up earlier tommorow morning...because...WE HAVE A TEST man omg! should I say I am fortunate? as my LO did ever mention that usually interns job are mostly pick up calls...and it's everyday....But currently I am on a different situation...I am participating in marketing, sales, call center and now I am going to do booking ! we'll be tested on our product knowledge and booking tommorow morning. Me and other colleagues are practising on the system till 07.30pm just now...I really appreciated all the knowledge taught by them..They take us almost as the full-time staffs which I am very happy and appreciating...We're even be invited to the company celebration party on wednesday and it is at fullerton hotel some more ! I am lucky ! I am very lucky ! to repay their kindness.. I'll work hard this 3 months and make sure I contributed to the company...and to achieve that promise..I have to take a bath and sleep now..haha goodnites...

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