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27 September 2009

BF cooked !

wakaka...daddy msn me ystd night at abt 2 lol...
Since dad have BB he is online most of the time... which is good !

Well..I ordered MCD last night LOL I am Going to DIE ! sigh...why can't stop eating mcd ha? lol...anywae...I received a suprise gift from happy meal..
this cute Mezzo Piano Lock Memo =)

I still very regret lo...why I ordered MCD huhu...
I SWEAR I am going to DIET start from tomorrow...!! bday is ahead haha...wants to looks pretty of course...ckck....I will reported to my blog what I had fo bfast, lunch and dinner everyday start fr tmrw =) it will start TMRW...of course I should have a big feast today !! what my boy promised, He cooked for me today...and I was in charge of SOUP..these are some pictures to share...

And luckily all of the outcome is consumable..haha..

I love My own SOUP !! it's really nice lor..

Quail egg
belly sukiyaki (pork)
collar shabu shabu (pork)

Soup seasoning :
chicken stock concentrated (about 3 spoons)
salt (agak agak)
pepper (agak agak)

hoho and and it became like thiss....ILOVEIT !
Not showing off but it just accidentally NICE hehe..

And dat's it for today...I'll be googling for HEALTHY FOOD and try to cook it..and will share =)

ups ups lastly....FOR GIRLS ONLY....
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For guys if you want it too...feel free..haha..

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