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26 September 2009

Aw...Hot Saturday (Campus session) and Dating cum Shopping wif bf =)

Woke up at about 09.00 am and ready to go out at about 09.30...Go down and met my friends..went to school by Taxi...arrived at abt I met a lot of friends again...after about one month apart...not so much changes..and I think either good or bad...all my friends is enjoying their Internship..hopefully =)

I learnt A LOT OF THINGS today...especially on the *sharing session with my LO Mr. Alan Tan...things can be different in different ways...always be positive.. yah I agree..and hopefully I will finished my internship smoothly and fun..I believed I'll be a different Irene after I completed my SIP hohoho... The world is waiting for us...!! Ahrr....I dunno why..I just feel very excited when I heard the word "to be a part of the world (working life)" OMG ! I am ready..!!! hohoho... Anywae...I had my lunch with Indo's friend at AsianKitchen @ VivoCity and these are some dishes that we ordered...

Asian Kitchen

Cynn's Soft shell crab noodle

Eve's Beef fried rice

Henny's Shrimp roll


OMG ! juicy de loh..hoho but honestly..DingTaiFung better =)

Mango sago

Mixed Fruit Sago

After lunch we decided to go HOME yaww...and I went out again at about 5pm, met bf and go to orchard !! yuhuuu....for dinner we went to this Japanese casual restaurant..and these are some pics of the dishes...

After finished dinner....we went to shop at ION and these are the only thing we found..And He bought me a perfume which I likes it so much !! *Thx beib* hoho...

His and mine

Lovely !

free gift !! hoho..

When we shopped around..he KEEPS asking me...

"Do you want you want that? I'll buy it for you..I want to let you know how much I loves you" *mushyy....
(I am not showing off..I just want to share)

And seriously I was happy yet feels not so right when he said "I'll buy it for you" haha I keep reply him this sentences "Please don't act like you are very rich...I am richer than you (kidding)" to refuse his offer..haha.. When he asked me what do I want for my birthday?, do I wants any branded stuff... I replied "Just give me the money so I can use the money for rental's more meaningful (kidding)" haha..

Well yes I love money BUT it doesn't mean that I love branded / expensive stuffs...A lil sweet suprise with some hand-made thing and a LONG letter writing about his though and feeling will definitely satisfy me more than any other things and It's good enough to prove how much he loves me ^o^...anywae..I am happy after all to have this silly and funny bf =)

ups ups back to the topic...after from ION, we moved to CitySquareMall to buy some he promised to cook for tomorrow...AND I was tasked to WASH DISHES *what a Good BF !! hahaha...

Love Fairprice !

2 lil crab

hwuahuaa we carried all this like DEATH !

Now my fridge are filled up with at least some things

haiz... RP. for once groceries shopping LOL

Lastly My blur picture on Taxi..huahuaa...

It was dark and my face looks small ckckck...

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