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09 September 2009

1st day of my internship !

Woke up at about 08.30 this morning...dress up and went to work..

The blouse I wore


My Bag

almost 9cm heels

Brand new *Heels..Love it !
(I have 2 pairs now as I have this before and I bought again..a new one..same model same colour haha because I love it !)

Arrived at Raffles Place MRT at 09:09:09 sharppp when I looked at the MRT screen time (I swear) and besides today is 09/09/09..and the situation was CROWDED lol..

so? nothing actually I just though why so many 9 today..hehe..So I supposed to report at 09.30am and I came earlier..and yes ! 1st day and 1st impression is important..and of course I've to impress them =) so now I am like 60% nervous because....


fiuh~ I met 4 new friends today and all of them are sgprean *Joe, Rueben, Magdalyn, QiaoLing.."They are F.U.N !" whauhau I am very happy that I met 4 of them..and I will surely cherish my 15 weeks I spent with them. And Today It was just like a orientation day.. All of us were asked to familiarize with all the brochures and products.. Today is a not busy day as we had 2hrs break (all of us went out to makan together with other colleague so it was like 10/11 of us?) we walked to a "tzi cha stall around the area and I had a *Nasi goreng and additionally, around 3pm there was a small *makan session to celebrate our colleaque July, Aug, Sept birthday..whauua all in one ! Hm..Now I am very sure I'll get fatter and sit and eat and sit lol...Today is a fun day and I am looking forward for tommorow =) And I am still nervous now...Exam result was delayed !! O.M.G fiuh~
delay one more day = stress one more day

Thats all for today ! I am going for a bath now and after that, I have to continue to enhance my product knowledge =) Really hope to perform well at the office ! Hope I would not dissapointed my dad, mum and of course my supervisor ^o^

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